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k. night

has always enjoyed the art of writing and has enjoyed the thrill of winning many writing competitions… in 2002 k. night decided to stop writing short stories and focus on the first novel.  It took 3 years to write, An Agreeable Fate; in stolen moments, borrowed time, and sleepless nights.  It took another 17 years to get the courage to publish it.

k. night

is an eclectic cliché; a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll. Having lived all over the USA, k. night has been able to experience so many different sides of people, of life. To live in so many different cities and towns, k. night has been able to invent and reinvent life over and over and it is this vast wonderful sometimes scary reinvention that has kept the writer bug fed so well.

An Agreeable fate

follows the transformation of Jackie Camarilly; from depressed lonely socialite to badass girlfriend of not one, but two mob under-bosses. It’s gritty, sexy, nail-biting action, and impossible to put down! 

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